Instantly create an attractive feature of interest and bring transformation to your garden or outside space with The Garden WindowTM.

The Garden WindowTM panels are a way for you to brighten up your garden – especially if you’ve not had chance to establish a mature garden yet, or have a space that just isn’t bringing you joy.

Whether in the heart of summer to provide the sensation of a view beyond your garden, or the middle of winter to provide colour and interest when everything in the garden has died back – these Garden WindowsTM will bring you great results really easily. Enjoy your garden more – with more to appreciate, a sense of continuing space, and an appealing view. You can even order a selection of panels to change your view from time to time or to have a set of different views through different Garden WindowsTM!.

If you’re in a new-build property The Garden WindowTM will can change a bland set of fences, to generate something far more desirable – you could even design your future garden around the idea of having a window on the world!!

There are options that we have created to work across 2 panels side by side – as if you have 2 picture windows at the edge of your garden looking onto an amazing view.

Designed to attach to wooden fences, our wind proof Garden WindowsTM mesh canvases are strong and resilient – with hemmed edging to strengthen them where they attach and metal rings punched through approx. every 30cm in the design – to assist with positioning and fixing.

Garden Window Sample Design
Garden Window Sample Design – Cornish Coast

We are advised by the printers that the material is fire retardant to Certifire approved standard – resisting open flame so as to prevent catching fire (but of course care always needs to be taken with any nearby heat source, flame, fire, or use of flammable materials in case they may burn under some conditions).
We utilise the mesh fabric as it provides greater resilience against wind – although the possibility for photographic resolution is a little reduced. The results nevertheless are fantastic and especially if you’re viewing the whole panel the pictures really ‘pop’.
We have created some standard designs based on a 6ft x 6ft fence panel – but we can provide bespoke designs to fit different fence panels or spaces. Let us know your panel size requirements and favourite designs and we’ll show you how they can be adapted for you.

Choose from our standard designs or opt for a bespoke print option which we can quote you depending on size and requirements.

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